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"Long Story Short"


A native of Stone Mountain, Georgia, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. Mia is a graduate of Georgia State University's College of Arts & Sciences and Troy University's Hall School of Journalism and Communication. Amidst the pandemic, Mia chose to highlight the many aspects of her experience as a millennial minority professional in predominantly white spaces through her blog, "Code-switching Creative." Her podcast "Since Y'all Don't Read" explores an array of shared experiences and expertise from other black women across various industries. Mia works in Communications for a major tech company and continues to be an advocate for community building for young professional women.

Image of Water For Your Garden book

"Affirm Yourself"


Water For Your Garden is a compilation of gems from conversations with women in her ecosystem at various phases of life. In your most vulnerable, transparent state, these words of wisdom and affirmations should provide solace. This piece of work is to be the bright spot in your day when you need that reminder of who you are. The visuals are rich in gem tones to highlight the boldness and beauty of womanhood. As you continue to move with gratitude to impact the world positively, the affirmations provide a foundation for ongoing mental, physical, and emotional growth. A grateful life moving with intention will always find roads filled with authentic joy.


Just as you water a garden to enrich life, allow these words to enhance you spiritually.

"The South Got Something to Say"

Blogger & Podcaster

The blog is all about her experiences and unique perspective on various topics. With life's stressors continually invading her thoughts, this blog provides an outlet to sort through the chaos and build a deeper human connection. The name "Code-switching Creative" speaks to how she moves as a professional—adorning a veil of double-consciousness as a black woman working in a predominantly white space.

Since Y’all Don’t Read—an extension of the blog—is my bi-monthly podcast featuring interviews with black women of various age groups making waves in their professional industries or personal lives. In full transparency, this showcase of talents is also to help me grow towards a career in the media industry.

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