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Be Gentle With Yourself Today

This week will be brief as I choose to step back and filter my emotions. In the process of writing about a different topic, I decided to hop on Twitter for a quick break only to learn of the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven other passengers in an utterly heartbreaking helicopter accident. With any death, we must understand that God makes no mistakes.

Just last week, one of my closest friends lost her aunt unexpectedly after laying to rest another family member three weeks prior. I went to check on her, with no philosophical perspective to offer. All I could think to do is sit with her and hope my presence was comfort enough until she was ready to engage. Guilt challenges the psyche as some second guess their final interactions with the deceased. Death is a reminder that life is taken away at a moment's notice. It is human nature to be sad or angry or even relieved that suffering and pain end with the physical. Ultimately, we honor our deceased loved ones with our actions. Each day when we choose to be better and find happiness, we embody the very essence of their life.

Each day I choose to live boldly for Ouida J. Washam knowing she is with me (laughing loudly as we both do).


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