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Did You Miss Me?

Wow! How have I not connected with y'all all year? To be honest, fear of where my life would be overshadowed my desire to write. I wanted to make changes to better myself and be a conduit of positive energy for those around me, but I felt lost in the journey. I did not know how or what said changes looked like, but after starting therapy, I mapped out tangible goals to create the space necessary for intentional joy and the ultimate glow-up. So let's recap what took place the past six months before diving into the present:

My membership intake co-chairman and a matriarch in my sorority's chapter passed unexpectedly. Although it was devastating for many, I am comforted by knowing our time shared on earth was always filled with laughter, sincerity, and sisterly shade.

Therapppyyyy, whew chileeee! I started after an honest conversation with the one and only Taylor B.B. Her subtle kick to do the hard work and unpack the "gremlins" contributing to my limiting beliefs set the foundation for finding a licensed professional to work through the angst. Being in a global Panda Express, coping with death, and witnessing an insurrection on our nation's Capitol reaffirmed that it was time to break down the walls if I ever wanted to grow.

I walked away from my job in Higher Ed after almost 11 years. IN A PANINI?! Y'all must think I'm a lunatic, right? Entering my thirties with my entire professional background defined by one establishment just was not producing the outcomes I wanted for myself. Looking back, I realize I internalized the insecurities of being a black woman in spaces that did not honor my gifts. I stayed in a professional holding pattern for so long because of the security blanket that is the relationships with my colleagues. It took faith over fear, but I had to make room for the universe to provide tenfold.

From resignation to relaxation, I slowed down in March and spent time listening to my body, catching up on sleep, taking a few trips, and aligning myself to find where my passion and purpose intersected. I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace and also did freelance work to hone in on my strengths. There were highs and lows, but overall I have no regrets. Did I mention I had interviews back-to-back thinking I knew what I wanted, only to be reminded by the rejection that I was still operating from a mental space of inadequacies?

I decided to take a break from the endless cycle of applying for jobs and virtual interviews. I reached a professional resume consultant to help translate my skillset into a concise body of work and was ready to dive back in once June rolled around. Wouldn't you guess it, the stars aligned to receive an opportunity I could not resist. Before this summer ends, ya girl will be relocating to the Pacific Northwest for a senior-level role with one of the most notable tech companies globally. WOW!.

The category isssss... GRATITUDE! Each day I express gratitude for the peaks and pits because both are necessary to manifest elevation. My goals were specific to what I wanted out of life now, but the lesson from this anecdote is to listen to your heart, intentionally move to achieve those small wins along the way, and allow yourself to receive what you deserve. I was rewarded with abundance once I stopped trying to force what I thought was enough.

Now that we're all caught up, there is still more in the pipeline for Mia Shantel. I am working on publishing a beautiful compilation of my thoughts, preparing to move across the country for the career mentioned above opportunity, and the podcast is returning for season TWO! I spent the first half of the year hoarding everything, but this second half will be different, so buckle up, kids! Unless you plan to meet me on the airwaves, I will check back in soon.

As always, thank you for reading!

xo Mia Shantel


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