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Find Your Way Back

If you told me January 1 that a global pandemic would completely dismantle the already fragile shell of America, protests against racial injustice would ensue (again), The Governor throws a tantrum and sues the Mayor all while we continue to lose countless public figures like Kobe Bryant, John Lewis, and Naya Rivera, I would tell you to seek professional help and laugh!

Here we are surviving (some thriving), and I'm happy to wake up every day. I fully intended to make the month of July my bitch, but life had other plans. I found myself ultimately hitting a mental wall and unmotivated. There have been times when I say that, and a few days later, I bounce back, but something about this time felt so insurmountable that I feared I wouldn't find my way back to a healthy mental space. I'm learning my triggers and realize that with new levels, there are definitely new devils.

I am embarrassed to admit I have allowed the negative comments from others (some of whom I trusted and called friend) detract me from my path to fulfilling my purpose. I ruminated for WEEKS! Thankfully, my tribe is unwavering, and with every conversation, I was slapped with sense.

I stopped pouting and reminded myself that not everybody can enjoy the ride with me on this journey to self-love and wellness. Continue to hate from outside the club. The cherry on top to get me over the slump came in the form of an eighty-five-minute film entitled "Black Is King." If you haven't witnessed the opulence that Beyonce's film interpretation of The Gift, the soundtrack to the live-action remake of The Lion King, then shoot me an email RIGHT NOW and I will personally let you have my Disney+ login information. As a member of the Beyhive, I am partially biased, but Beyoncé ate-this-film-UP! The visuals and symbolism did more for my soul than I knew I needed. I cannot tell you how many times I watched admittedly sobbing and filled with so much pride. Now I'm back in writing this little blog, and soon the pod will be live, so y'all can laugh with me through these crazy times.

If you are in a bad mental space, take the time to sit with your feelings and determine your triggers. This pandemic is impacting each of us differently. We all deserve a little grace, so it's essential to grant the time for decompression. Therapists exist to navigate those mental mazes. With schools and states continuing to open, it is crucial to GET. BACK. IN. A. ROUTINE. We can no longer afford to wing it through our shit. Do the work to care for yourself first. My final thought is to be intentional with every action. Intentionality defines the why behind what you do and say. This sense of purpose leads you in work, relationships, and life. Be intentional and strive to live a purpose-driven life.

Thanks for reading this week!

xo Mia Shantel



Definitely haven’t watched the film, but I can relate to being in that mental space you were in. The context kept me tuned in. Short and articulate!


Mia Shantel
Mia Shantel

Thoughts the most because they create the life you want to have!


Yes intentional with every action, including thoughts!


I felt all of this!!!! Especially get back in a routine part!!!


Yes! I love every word! Sooo proud of you!


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