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If The Shoe Fits

Wow! It has been six weeks since I sat down to write. At the top of the year, I committed to posting once a week, and I have to apologize for not delivering on that promise. I cannot speak for anyone else, but this year has become exceptionally taxing mentally. There is so much occurring daily that has filled me with anger and sadness. The idea that my sheer existence is threatening to others is a disturbing reality not many can understand. The countless emotions I continue to keep subdued manifest as frustration, causing me to be unmotivated and completely avoidant of introspection. Finding my slice of heaven in what feels like hell on earth has taken me down many avenues—dark mental spaces included—but overall, I am relieved to find my way out of the darkness. So let’s catch up on what is new for this busy, blogger babe.

I had an AMAZING photoshoot with a photographer I have been eager to work with since June (Captured by Shantel). If you follow me on any social platform, you see the proof is in the pudding because Shantel has done her thing with my Q3 visuals. The photoshoot was a joint effort with my friend and budding make-up artist, Taylor, which meant I had to call in the reinforcements. You guessed it—my mama, BOTH sisters, and “Bae-Ana” (or Briana for those unfamiliar with my other half 😅) all shuffled down to Ponce City Market to co-direct the production.

I am working with a super talented graphic designer, Alesa Barron of the Pigment Playground (also a personal friend), to create marketing for the podcast. We originally planned to go live this month, but it's looking real October-ish at this point. I witnessed one of my closest line sisters, Tyrina, marry her handsome beaux in Houston. I must mention I had some of the most bizarre Lyft interactions while in Houston that made me so happy Marissa (another line sister) was with me to experience the foolery.

I finally got my skin routine together, but thanks to mas-cne (acne caused by wearing a face mask), that’s null and void. I also plan to share my fill skincare routine in a separate post because the glow up deserves a dedicated explanation.

After lengthy discussions, it is time to add Social Media Strategist to the many hats in my collection. I will provide small businesses with the necessary engagement tools to grow their audience through purposeful branding and content creation. This shift will hopefully broaden my creative lens, and I cannot wait to see what I'm able to create.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why the hell do I care about all of this?” I’m getting to that point now—this is just a glimpse into how quickly life moves, whether you are ready to live or not. Instead of continuing to excuse my unhappy, stagnant present tense, I am creating opportunities for future growth. The big 3-0 is less than three months away! I feel my mindset shifting, and the one continuous thought is “the only limit is your imagination.” If you can dream it, then walk in that purpose 100% regardless of whether it’s deemed a success or failure. Chadwick Boseman made six major motion pictures while battling cancer, what is blocking your brilliance? I said it before, and I’ll repeat it—growing pains aren't called a pain for no reason. Be uncomfortable with the exploration of new ideas. Whether win, lose, or draw, at least you can say you tried. Here is my final thought, that new idea you have but haven’t decided to act on is like buying a new pair of shoes. That unworn pair is not always the perfect fit straight out the box. It can take time to break in a good pair. What shoe will you break in next?

Thank you for reading this week! Continue to be safe and well.

🤎 Mia Shantel


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Mia Shantel
Mia Shantel
Sep 30, 2020

@brittany.garner9 yes! Thank you for all the love


This year has been very draining. Chadwick Boseman really motivated me to get going in this last quarter of the year. I have been putting off my business for some time now worried about everything being perfect. I took the leap last week and started my blog along with publishing my first book. I will be the big 3-0 next year and I’m determined to accomplish some major goals by then.y mindset has definitely shifted and I learned that sometimes it’s ok to leave people behind that are “still”. Still complaining, still miserable, etc. I can’t take that into my new beginnings.


I am so ready to listen to the podcast and see what Alesa designs. All things are working together for your good, so keep moving forward Sis!


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