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We Did It, Joe!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Wow! I have allowed almost two months to pass since my last posting. In all honesty... I lost my desire to write. Admittedly, I took on more than I wanted to admit to balancing my full-time job, the podcast, and content creation for myself and others on social. Writing has always served as a healthy outlet for working through life's pits, but somewhere down the line, it turned into a task that I avoided at every turn. I hate that feeling that I failed myself by not delivering as promised; however, I now see I put too much pressure on myself to deliver without proper planning and execution. Maybe it's residual PTSD from graduate school or just the worry about life's uncertainty due to the pandemic, but I did not want to commit my time and energy to anything concrete. Whatever the case— I am giving myself grace and no longer taking a guilt trip for imaginary standards I place on myself. If I cannot get something done, then tomorrow is a new day to work toward completion.

While I’m on the topic of completion, we are hours away from completing one of the most mentally and physically challenging years as a global community. The COVID-19 outbreak is simply a catalyst for the change many have and are still experiencing. For better or worse, the pandemic forced a recalibration of our regular routines. 2020 may have felt like a dumpster fire of hot grease fueled by water, but it is a year of countless blessings and clarity in disguise. No, I did not live out plans as intended, but what else is new? How many people stick to their New Year’s resolution? No use in crying over spilled milk. As my friend Amber says, rejection is protection—the timing is not aligned for what I think I needed, and I have to remember that I am alive still able to create above all. That’s more than enough! I choose to reject the deficit mindset and instead move in gratitude for what will be. I urge you to do the same!

In doing so, I want to share five moments of joy from this year:

  1. Avoided the quarantine fifteen and pandemic pregnancy 😅

  2. Joined two professional organizations (and won Member of the Year for one!)

  3. Launched my podcast (Since Y’all Don’t Read) with three episodes available on all streaming platforms

  4. Prioritized relationships that were valuable and intentional

  5. Made it to 30 years on God's green earth (eeek!)

Above all—I want to pause to say Thank You. Thank you for your support, whether it is subscribing to my blog, listening to my podcast, or interacting with me IRL or social media. Losing that human interaction this year was the most difficult adjustment for me, so I take it wherever I can now. I hope the new year brings more blessings and less stress.

We made it to 2021! Until I wrap my first season in March, I will be blogging a little less. I won’t stray for long, so catch me on your radio. Y’all be safe and well!

Thank you for reading.

xo, Mia Shantel

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Happy 2021, Mia!!


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