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Whew Chileeee (not Chillay)

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I ended last week with so many plans and good intentions but BOY did life get the best of me! Last Friday was the anniversary of my initiation into the greatest sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I organized a small meeting of my closest sisters in the parking lot of where we all met four years ago. It took everything for me and some of the other girls not to break down in tears because it has been months (or even years for others) since we've put eyes on each other. Knowing the dynamics of all of our connections just made sharing a moment with them so worth the heat and humidity. This group of women are an added layer of coverage in prayer and praise for sure. Despite anything outsiders may think or say, we have weathered some storms together, seeing one another's real vulnerability.

The rest of the weekend almost flew by! I hung with my "Good Vibes Only" new friend turned realtor, Shaadi, and got some extra quality time with my fave Marissa. Then Monday rolled around, and I had no work or plans for the day. Having that one day entirely off made me realize how much more taxing it has felt to work from home. Unlike most, I'm not just in a space that can be flipped into a home office. I have zero interest in bringing my work into my home space, and it has been more than a task to stay productive with minimal anxiety about all the changes on the horizon. I have to check myself because, of course, it could be worse, and I could be without a job, but Lord knows this is nothing I would ever fathom.

To top things off, the amount of violence and blatant racism against blacks THIS WEEK ALONE has me weary. *cues A Seat At The Table by Solange* I find myself subconsciously internalizing all the images and videos to the point where I have to log off of everything. Aside from the fact we all are coping with the impact of a global pandemic now, I have to remember to compartmentalize my emotions alone at home and still get work done. Talk about a mind fuck! I've disconnected from my usual social media scrolling and engaged inward to sort through all the thoughts and find healthy outlets for my frustrations. In doing so, I am back at an idea I originally had nearly twelve years ago. Finding joy in what I want to do has led me back to radio except now it is 2020 and we podcasting y'all! Please don't ask me when the first episode is airing, or can you be a guest because I have to come correct and get the proper equipment so that I'm not the Teddy Riley of the podcast world. I'm merely letting you as the reader know that we are living in unprecedented times, and you must grab hold of whatever keeps you anchored in purpose. 

Quick backstory— I am a huge fan of all things media from radio to television and film. That little Career Aptitude ASVAB test we all took way back when to find the future occupational success came back with my number one career choice being Radio Personality and number two was Public Relations. I have ignored the thought, but I'm honestly not too far off from either. Probably should have confronted my fears years ago and just pursued what I know would have been an experience of a lifetime working alongside Atlanta legends like Ryan Cameron and Rashan Ali. I say all of that to say— no matter how much you push against your purpose, it finds a way to come swinging fists to face. I'm not running to quit my day job or even giving up on this blog. I am simply adding to my repertoire and capitalizing on what finding my voice has to offer. Along the way, I can only be grateful to have others believe in me and continue to witness the journey. Buckle up kids... the ride just took a sharp left turn.

Thank you for reading this week!

xo Mia Shantel


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Isn’t it funny- how things come back to you just in time. Start that podcast boo- you definitely have the personality for it. I know I’d listen and isn’t the timing kind of perfect. This “extra free” time will gave you space to work on your craft. Proud of you!!


Mia Shantel
Mia Shantel
May 31, 2020

I’m ready when you are! Ordering a mic this week!


Yeeeessssss sis, I fully support this idea! I'm trying to get a podcast started for my friends, so we need to catch up.


Love, love, love this! I see your growth! Proud Big Sister! 😊


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