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Corona Check-in

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I'm sure that we are all tired of discussing any impending doom that is a result of the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 so allow me to ease your mind with a collection of mental notes from the desk of Mia Shantel.

The eternal optimist in me wants everyone to chill the fudge out and realize we are all experiencing this insane glitch in the matrix together. Do understand that it could be worse. Every day is a blessing to be alive, able-bodied, and employed. I'm just excited for the day we are free to interact with each other and be carefree—within reason—have a mimosa or four over brunch and live. I may give out free hugs (touch is NOT usually my love language)! Instead of having a meltdown, find one thing you are grateful for despite the calamity. It can be as big as three months of expenses in savings or as small as having a roll of toilet tissue. By the way, what the hell is up with the need for eight packs of mega-roll toilet tissue? I mean, I'm not clocking your bowel movements, but is it really that deep? Could y'all not have a reasonable supply of tissue, and as you run out, go to the store for more? I mean honestly, access to necessary healthcare is way more critical than TOILET TISSUE, but I digress.

My plan for the foreseeable future is to map out what I want the rest of 2020 to look. Look beyond the insecurities you may have and pivot towards your passion. Write that children's book! Start that podcast! Finish your degree! I still have it in my sight to experience like outside of Atlanta, and a little Rona isn't stopping my shine! If this pandemic has taught you anything, it is a lesson in appreciating what matters most. Oh, and just so we're clear, you are not going to motivated every day to be amazing. When you need a break, RELAX. For few Gen Xers and definitely Millenials, I know social media has a way of creeping into our psyche and causing the unfortunate act of comparison. No matter how triumphant you have been or are in any aspect of life, there is always that one thing someone else does that you wish you did better. We can all flourish while owning our flaws.

We can all flourish while owning our flaws.

One final thought before I let y'all get back to Netflix & Children, thank you to all the medical professionals and public health experts for working tirelessly. To the parents that have to home school their children, take a shot for me. Lord only knows being stuck in the house for more than eight hours is just cruel and unusual punishment. One change I need to see after this is a definite increase in pay for educators. Teaching is a thankless job.

Until I see y'all again... literally. Be safe and wash your hands!

xo Mia Shantel


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Mia Shantel
Mia Shantel
May 07, 2020

@brittany.garner9 as much of a tragedy as this pandemic has been, I think the general consensus is that we all needed this time at home. I’m slowly grasping the little gems to grow personally and professionally.


Coming out of the worst, most overwhelming year of my life, I am glad for this change of pace to slow down and kinda just be. Going at my own pace and being on my own time is everything.


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