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Thoughts of A Millennial Black Blogger

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After a light push from my line sister, I have decided to continue my blog for personal use. No longer will this content be solely based on leadership and strategic communications through emerging media, but rather a lifestyle blog that allows me to document every pit and peak life throws my way.

I am a firm believer that we all must own our narratives or someone else can control your story. As individuals, we have joys and traumas that connect us. Through these connections is how we embrace vulnerability and are hopefully better humans for it.

In a world of wonders and majestic creations, you are here! The ultimate goal is authenticity. I plan to build out a website for my blog posts, so bear with me. Readers will soon learn what my close friends and family already know--I am direct and sarcastic more often than not. Hold me accountable if what I say or how I choose to convey a point does quite resonate. I'm planning for a new post each week so subscribe and submit suggestions if you enjoy what you see!

Until then... Be Great!

xo Mia Shantel

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I truly love this post! I’m sooo excited for everything that’s opening up to you this season! Keep pushing forward!💕💚


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