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Rain Rain Go Away

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the weather—same. Living in Atlanta, we have experienced every season in a matter of weeks. More recently, it has been raining cats, dogs, and coronavirus for at least 12 out of the past 18 days, and I am O-V-E-R I-T! It is no secret that I fall victim to seasonal depression every winter, and I honestly chose to embrace all the feels this season. However, I have no tears left to cry, and my body refuses to accept the extra hours of darkness for any more sleep. So what is a girl to do? Prepare for total pollination! Daylight savings time begins Saturday night/Sunday morning, and that means we are a few weeks closer to spring.

As sick of the rain as I am sure we ALL are, I secretly have been dreading the sunny days ahead because April showers bring May flowers. You all can thank global warming for putting the seasons into hyperdrive because the pollenation is coming faster than the adage suggests. We are barely a full week into March, and the rain is only prolonging the inevitable. Being raised in Georgia, I am no stranger to allergies, and the pollen season is going to be stronger than ever since winter was non-existent. The past few mornings I have awakened to puffy eyes and mild congestion, so I know there is already Satan's dandruff in the air.

Although the rain has been unwavering recently, I want to take a moment to reflect on the more important message at play. Q1 of 2020 has come for our edges faster than an overworn frontal, but we all said THIS year was OUR year for radical change. We owe it to ourselves to not abandon our resolutions just yet. Look at this record-breaking amount of rain as a sign of abundance about to overflow in your life. There was once a time when Georgia was in a drought, and I damn near did a rain dance in my front yard in hopes for a little sprinkle. We had to experience that drought to appreciate the rain that eventually came. The same goes for life. We may not be prepared for the blessings on the horizon or understand a season of drought, and the rain is giving us time to build and heal in preparation for it. Are you ready for the tides to turn in your favor? Even if you are not, at least make the most of the sunny days in between the rain.

Stay dry and remember to wash your hands!

Thanks for reading this week!

xo Mia Shantel

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"Q1 of 2020 has come for our edges faster than an overworn frontal..."


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